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Food and Beverage - Questionnaire

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With which Chambers or Incubators do you currently work?

VWR Brand   Fisher Brand Thermo   Heraeus   Sheldon
Other Please specify  

What chamber size or incubator do you use or plan to use?

Please specify

What guidelines from the FDA or other do you follow specifically?

Please specify

Do you need your equipment validated?

Yes   No

What kind of testing do you perform?

Microbiology   Shelf Life   Other Please Specify  

What parameters do you test?

Temperature in Celsius   °C   Humidity   % RH

Do you have a Test Chamber or an Incubator?

Yes   Which brand     No

Do you use perform testing which requires a rapid temperature change?

Yes   No never

Do you have a need to humidify or dehumidify during any testing in a chamber?

Yes   No never

When do you plan to purchase a new Oven or Chamber?

Immediately   Soon (3-6 month)   Next year   Do not plan

Are you having any specific problems with your application, tests or procedures that we may be of assistance to you in solving?

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